When Expert Rug Restoration Is Needed

Expert rug restoration will be needed once the signs of oriental rug wear and tear are undeniable. Rug restoration work will save a rug owner from having to get an expensive rug replacement, and often rugs look brand new after they’ve been restored. Oriental rugs have been around for thousands of years, and these days some individuals own centuries-old oriental rugs.
How is this possible? Rug restoration services—that’s how!
Our team has been delivering these for years, and these days we’re a top choice for those who need first-rate rug restoration work. For a long time, our business was known for having top NYC oriental rug cleaners, but now we’re just as popular for our rug restoration services. We can help both residential and commercial oriental rug owners, and when we’re done with rug restoration you’ll think your rugs were just purchased the other day.
We have the tools, materials, and machines necessary to carry out any kind of rug restoration job, but we’re often called to deliver rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about these common rug restoration services, read on.


Why Rug Owners Choose To Get Rug Recoloring

An oriental rug is appealing for a variety of reasons, but one of the main ones is that these rugs are so visually attractive. They boast unique patterns and wondrous color schemes, and that’s why—when these rugs fade—such can be a real disappointing event.
But a rug doesn’t have to stay faded forever. It can get recolored by our experts, as they’ve been doing this work for years. You’ll never have to worry about rug dye running or the rug’s pattern being messed up, as our experts will handle your rug with care throughout the entire recoloring process.

The Benefits Of Professional Rug Reweaving

We can deliver first-rate rug reweaving and for an affordable price too. Reweaving is often needed once or twice a year, and the frequency of reweaving really depends on how much foot traffic your rug is subjected to. If there are feet constantly trampling on your rug, then there’s a good shot you’ll need reweaving twice a year. That’s fine, however, as we have your rug rewoven and back to you before you miss it.

When It’s Time To Get Rug Binding

Choose us when you need rug binding. This is a restoration service we deliver often for clients. We can bind your rug using either binding tape or a heavy-duty sewing machine—it’s really up to you. Of course, we’ll recommend the method that’s best for your rug, and when you get your rug back after binding it’ll be sound for many years thereafter.

Why Rugs Need Fringing

If a rug’s fringe is deteriorating, then it will only be a matter of time before the rest of the rug goes with it. A fringe is like a rug’s backbone, and this is why a deteriorating fringe should be addressed immediately. We provide rug fringing for you, and we do so for a price that can’t be beat!